meet the crew



2 Viennese that went out to sail the 7seas ... and it all started in landlocked Austria.

But thanks to Darwin we know that DNA does have an impact on the following generations: Barbara's ancestors were sailing the north sea and baltics and Wolfgang spending every holiday of his childhood along the adriatic coast.

This and half a livespan later we bought our beauty in 2008. Lot's of work, passion, planning and earning money has been put into our plan to untie our lines in 2019.



They were part of our plan ever since, actually they were here first, before we even had a boat.

What's the story behind it ? ... well that takes a while ... and two beer ;-)

And they are actually real - so not just a graphic image. And when you come on board you will ... well, the thing is, they mostly sleep ... but as soon as we start serving the sundowners they will be first in line.